About us

For more than 10 years, Front Systems have developed a POS system for retail players. Our system can be found in more than 10 percent of Norwegian fashion stores, and we work closely with leading players in the retail industry in Skandivavia, to constantly ensure that our POS system is the best in the market.

Christopher forran kassav2

Sr. Sales Executive at Front Systems, Christopher L. Davis, is happy to show off our intuitive, innovative and cool POS solution.

The customer journey no longer starts in stores, but most of the shopping takes place there. We believe in the physical store, but new methods are required to attract customers. The distinction between online and offline is blurring, and your store must be visible in all channels. With Front Systems, you can digitize your stores and connect best of breed applications to deliver a seamless and quality rich customer experience.

Our platform gives retail stores the opportunity to gain full control of the flow of goods, analyze key figures and make qualified decisions for increased turnover. The POS system connects retail stores to their suppliers, and on the sales side we connect the stores with the consumer via e-commerce.


With a background from Sandaker Men's Clothing, the Kaalstad family had many years of experience in store management. When they set out to find a new checkout solution in the early 2000s to meet the store's changing needs, it immediately became clear that there was a void in the market in terms of good solutions at a reasonable and predictable price. In fact, the solutions on the market were both expensive and old-fashioned. The Kaalstad family therefore took matters into their own hands, and together with some technologists, Front systems was established in 2007. The goal was to create a system that was intuitive to use for all levels of store employees – at reasonable and predictable costs – with technology and solutions that always is in Front!

Front Systems is the first POS system in Norway that was delivered 100% from the cloud as a SaaS-solution. In 2015, the solution was rebuilt to be cloud native and to be able to scale in the cloud. We focus primarily on Nordic companies and grow together with our customers around the world. Today, Front Systems is used by over 10,000 store employees every single day in over 20 countries, across continents.

At Front, we have always focused on profitable growth, quality in all stages and a focus on a good working environment for our employees. Our philosophy is that if our employees are satisfied, it contributes to the satisfaction of our customers. We shall be both available and cheerful when dealing with our customers and partners.