Endless Aisle at SWIMS - seamless trading at its best

Endless Aisle at SWIMS - seamless trading at its best

Endless Aisle is something many have become aware of, and more and more people in retail want this functionality.

With Endless Aisle, swims employees can complete the sale in-store, even if the item is not physically in stock.

Mario Hiis, Head of E-Commerce at SWIMS, is very pleased with the functionality they have in the POS system from Front Systems:

"With Endless Aisle, we have the opportunity to sell goods that we do not have in a physical store, but that we know we have in the main warehouse. With access to the entire product catalog, the store employees can easily make online ordering, while the customer pays in the checkout system, there and then. We offer to send the item to the customer's home free of charge, and the entire process gives a safe and professional impression to our customers," says Hiis.

"By locking in sales in the store, we avoid the possibility of the customer leaving our store empty-handed and buying a similar product from a competing store. With Endless Aisle, the store employees can carry out the sale in our physical store. The turnover is recorded at the store, which is an important motivator for everyone who engages in sales. With Endless Aisle, customers also avoid a trip to the store, as we can mostly order what is not physically available in the store but is in the collection."

Great potential

"We have wanted the Endless Isle functionality for a long time, but it was not possible to integrate into our old online store solution. When we switched to Centra online store solution, we had the opportunity to integrate Endless Aisle, and then we were quick to get this in place," says Hiis.

"We have a fairly small store physically, and we therefore do not have very large inventory in the store. Here, the potential is enormous with Endless Aisle. Our summer collection is going to be even bigger, and then we don't have room to have, for example, all colors and sizes inside. I think that Endless Aisle is going to be very important for us going forward; It has a very large potential precisely because our collection is growing, while we have less space down in the store."

"For us at SWIMS, the most important thing is that we are able to serve the customer. When we know that we have a lot of goods in the main warehouse, we manage to lock the purchase with Endless Aisle."

"We are happy and the customer is happy," Hiis concludes.

MarioMario His, Head of E-Commerce, EMEA - SWIMS