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We welcome new customers – who are you?

Whether you are a brand or a large chain with many outlets scattered around the world, or you run a single store, Front Systems may be a perfect match for you.

The platform has features that are particularly suitable for businesses in fashion, sports, and lifestyle.

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This characterizes our SME customers

  • Less than 10 stores -> The business has 1-10 stores in its portfolio
  • Multi-brand -> The business is a multi-brand company that has several brands in its portfolio
  • Standard product -> Typical for our SME customers is that they use our standard product
  • Easy management -> The customer manages goods, prices and deliveries in the POS system
  • Simple pricing model -> Standard pricing model, packaging according to business needs

This characterizes our Enterprise customers

  • More than 10 stores -> The business has more than 10 stores in its portfolio
  • Mono-brand -> The business is a mono-brand company, focusing around a single brand, its products and the image or lifestyle being promoted
  • Enterprise produkt -> Typical for our larger customers is that they choose a customized solution
  • Customized management -> The customer manages goods, prices and deliveries in external integrated systems. For example, ERP, PIM and WMS
  • Custom pricing model -> Customized pricing model for enterprise customers. Price depends on different variables and business needs

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What does Holzweiler think of the collaboration with Front Systems?

"It's amazing. We get good help from both Lars and Haakon and everyone on support. We have cashiers from them in all the stores. It's a very good checkout system, and the online portal with login and control is awesome."

Tobias Tjørstad, General Manager, Linestore

Holzweiler has used Front Systems since 2014, while the CEO and purchaser have used Front Systems from the very beginning in 2007.

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