Infrastructure recommendations


Front Systems in-store infrastructure recommendations

General network

  1. A separate LAN or VLAN outside the company’s private network for the Front Systems in-store equipment (POS and the related peripherals). Communication between devices in this LAN/VLAN must be local only, not via any central company network.
  2. IP addressing plan with static private ip addresses defined for all the Front Systems in-store equipment. Fix each POS’ and peripheral’s MAC address to a static IP address. This helps to prevent connection issues when the terminal or your network reboots.
  3. A stable broadband internet connection; preferably fiber, minimum continuous availability of 8Mbit/s down and 4Mbit/s up. A 4G router with unlimited data plan can be used if other stable internet connection is not available in the location of the store.
  4. Streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and Sonos should not be installed or used on the same iPad as Front Systems POS.
  5. Outbound ports 443 (HTTPS), 5671/5672 (AMQP) and and 8883 (MQTT) needs to be open in the firewall.


  1. Min. 3 x RJ-45 outlets available for the POS network adapter, receipt printer and payment terminal
  2. Min. 8 x power outlets.

Label Printer

  • Min. 2 x RJ-45 outlets (regular ethernet / internet sockets).
  • Min. 2 x power outlets.

Logistic App (FrontZapp)

  • WIFI router to connect the iPod Logistic App.
  • Min. 1 x power outlet