Woodling on in-store flexibility and success factors for 2023

Woodling on in-store flexibility and success factors for 2023

Woodling is an all-Norwegian clothing brand based in beautiful Jæren in Rogaland. In addition to selling online and to other retailers, Woodling has factory outlets a couple of times a month. Here they use mPOS from Front Systems, and Woodling is delighted with it.

We've talked a bit with the designer behind the brand about how they experience mPOS from Front Systems, as well as what she sees as success factors for successful trading in 2023.

Convenient and flexible with mPOS

Woodling is based on the Seland family's farm in Jæren in Rogaland, and in the autumn of 2021, production was established in the same premises as they have offices and shops. Woodling has three state-of-the-art 3D knitting machines and offers self-produced goods.

Siv Elise Seland is the designer behind the clothing brand Woodling, and she explains how they use mPOS for their purpose:

"We have a factory outlet that is open a couple of days a month. Then we usually have a lot of pressure with many visitors in a few hours, so being able to use more than one counter on those days is very convenient," says Seland.

"When we use mPOS, we have the opportunity to relieve the main checkout by accepting payment, for example, directly in the factory for those who want to shop there.  It's very convenient not to be bound to accept payments in a specific location, and mPOS is perceived as very flexible.

By using mPOS, our customers avoid having to stand in long queues, which increases turnover as it reduces the chance of people dropping out of shopping because it takes too long to pay. We can also charge directly in the factory, which means that the customer does not have to go down to the checkout. For the employees, it allows you to work much more flexibly while at the same time it feels like we can give the customer an extra service by offering payment on mPOS.  Flexible solutions that make the shopping experience simpler and more efficient are always positive, and shortening the queue time definitely creates a good atmosphere," says Seland.

Woodling 2Siv Elise Seland, founder and designer at Woodling

How to succeed as a retailer in 2023?
Woodling sells through its own online store, factory outlet and to retailers. When it comes to success factors to succeed as a retailer in 2023, Seland believes that it is important to have relevant and good communication through various social media and other marketing channels:

"Being available, not only in a physical store but also digitally, is a great advantage. For us, it is also important to have flexible digital solutions, and that these are well integrated with each other so that we get seamless processes regardless of whether it is online sales or in-store box sales.

- Our strategy is to use a combination of marketing via social media such as Instagram and Facebook, send out newsletters, create content in collaboration with different influencers, as well as various paid advertising via different channels, she concludes.

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