Planning perfectly: The importance of having the right employees in your stores at the right time

Planning perfectly: The importance of having the right employees in your stores at the right time

If you are to run a successful retail company, you can’t afford to plan poorly. By adding SameSystem to your software portfolio, you have all the necessary tools to make fact-based planning decisions – increasing sales and limiting costs.

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In retail, profit margins are often low, meaning that small savings and optimizations across the organization can ultimately make the difference between a profit and a loss. An important way to improve your bottom line – inch by inch - is to make sure your stores plan optimally with the right employees on the floor at the right time.

Together, SameSystem and Front Systems allow you to harness the full potential of data, taking your planning to the next level.

Why is data-driven planning critical?

Why is data-driven planning critical?

Even experienced store managers regularly misjudge customer traffic, leading to poor scheduling and either understaffing or overstaffing. With a data-driven approach to schedules, you remove the gut feeling from planning, and your store managers can make decisions based on data.

When your stores are mostly empty, you save labor costs by having a minimum of employees at work. During peak hours, you can meet all customers with attentive service and great customer experiences, leading to increased sales.

Why do you need both Front Systems and SameSystem?

Having a modern POS system like Front Systems is a prerequisite for using SameSystem’s forecasting tools to ensure optimal staffing. SameSystem pulls historical POS data such as transaction volume and average basket sizes directly from Front Systems and uses artificial intelligence to predict customer traffic and the need for employees on the floor - down to a quarter of an hour.

How does SameSystem ensure perfect planning?

SameSystem has all the necessary tools to ensure all factors are considered and that the required initiatives are implemented.

  • District managers will automatically be informed if a schedule doesn’t align with customer traffic, making sure your stores are always optimally staffed
  • Productivity factors can be applied to staff recommendations – for instance, taking into account that experienced employees are more productive than trainees
  • If an employee is off the floor doing tasks, for instance, counting inventory, SameSystem’s forecasting will consider this in the planning.

Why do you need a workforce management solution?

SameSystem is more than just a scheduling tool – it’s an industry-leading workforce management solution. Besides helping retailers create ideal schedules with artificial intelligence, SameSystem offers multiple ways to maximize employee performance levels and make sure retailers spend their resources where it matters.

SameSystem’s solution includes AI-powered forecasting, a budget-conscious scheduling feature, automatic payroll processing, digital contracts and signatures, time and attendance tracking and a business intelligence feature.

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