Sell more with click and reserve

Sell more with click and reserve

With click and reserve Med klikk og reservér-functionality Bergans experiences greater flexibility for the customer, while increasing the visibility of their products.

At Bergans you can reserve goods online and pick up in store.

At Bergans you can reserve goods online and pick up in store.

When you shop at you can choose whether you want to buy the item directly from the online store, or you can reserve it in one of Bergan's physical stores, and then pick it up yourself.

Espen Jensen, CIO at Bergans says that they have positive experiences with the Click and Reserve functionality in POS system:

- When we decided to implement this solution, it was because we wanted to make our products visible in multiple channels, in addition to showing customers which products are available in stores. Since we started with click and reserve on our website, we have experienced positive effects of this. Around 80 per cent of those who reserve goods online come to pick up in stores, and these are good figures," he says.

When the customer comes to the store to see and try the reserved item, the employees at Bergans have a good opportunity to upsell other products, and in this way they can increase sales in the store.

How does it work?

When shopping at you will find a "reserve in store" button. If the customer wishes to reserve the product, they leave their name and phone number, and receive a text message when the item is ready for collection. The item is now reserved in the store's warehouse and made unavailable in channels such as online store, Miinto and Zalando. If there are several sizes of the same item, these will of course not be removed, but the specific item that was reserved will no longer be available.

At checkout, a message pops up that a new order is available, and the store employee puts off the item that the customer has reserved. The packing slip from the receipt printer is printed and added with the reserved item. The customer then receives a text message from the store stating that the package is ready for collection.

When the customer arrives at the store, they provide their name or order number so that the store employee can find the reserved item and complete the sale. However, if the customer does not want to buy the item, the store employee can mark the item as "rejected" and the item will immediately become available in the sales channels that the stores use; online store, Miinto, Zalando etc.

What about items that are not picked up?

Unclaimed reservations will automatically expire after 24 hours to be available for sale in selected sales channels. The store must make a routine where they look at uncollected goods every morning, and if they see that a reservation is more than two days old, it can be safely made available for further sale.

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