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Customer Success: Monsoon Accessorize

Monsoon Accessorize chose Front Systems when contemplating a point of sale system for its 9 Norwegian stores. The Norwegian supplier made the cut with its secure, flexible and easily integrable system.

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The challenge

With their old solution, Monsoon Accessorize invested a lot of time in end-of-day settlements, and they had no real-time overview on sales generated throughout the organization. Their old legacy system was cumbersome to use and often out of sync, which in turn caused headache for the store staff, and a high number of support calls.

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The solution

In the first two weeks of October, 9 Accessorize stores implemented Front Systems POS.
The following features has increased sales and productivity in their stores:

  • Mobile reports provides the store managers with real time KPIs, enabling them to take immediate action based on real-time data.
  • Possibility to check stock inventory there and then, providing better customer experience and upsell.
  • Fewer support tickets enabling the store staff to focus more on sales and customer service.
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What they say:

"The training was rather simple, and it took a couple of hours only to train the staff in the store.
The big difference that I've noticed with Front Systems is that everything is clear and logically arranged with no room for error"
Amanda Lilja, Manager MAL Norway.

"10 calls since go live, and 96 prior...Providing compelling evidence of the success of the new solution"
Philip Levy, Senior Service Delivery Manager, PMC Consulting

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