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  • Kasse

    Point of sale

    Secure your in-store sales with Front Systems Mobile point of sale, fixed point of sale and self-checkout.

  • In store fulfillment

    Sell online. Fulfill in-store

    Connecting your stores to online channels, enables a more convenient shopping experience than what online pure-players can offer.

  • Endless aisle

    Never miss a sale with Endless Aisle

    With access to the whole product catalog, your store staff can effortlessly place online orders while securing payment from customers in POS, there and then.

  • Katalog


    Manage your store securely, using the online backoffice.

  • Lager


    Doing stocktaking regularly enables a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

  • Sms

    Loyalty & Marketing

    Attract new and existing shoppers to your stores using loyalty programs, SMS-marketing or even Google Local Inventory Ads.

  • Analyse

    Omnichannel insights

    Gain new insights and make qualified decisions.

  • Logistikk

    Mobile logistics

    Manage effective in-store goods receipt, send goods between stores, and check your inventory simply using your mobile.

  • Shopify Front Systems logo blk3

    Godkjent kassasystem for Shopify

    Ta i bruk Shopify nettbutikk sammen med vårt godkjente kassasystem for Skandinavia. Vi er det eneste kassesystemet i norden tilgjengelig offisielt i Shopify App Store.

  • Bilde B

    What do our satisfied customers say?

    Over the years, we have built up a solid customer base with some of the most recognized players in fashion, sports and lifestyle.

  • Lanullva til hjemmesiden


    Lanullva is a Norwegian retailer, producing their special wool clothing. Their goal is to provide an optimal shopping experience regardless of the customer being online or in-store. Front Systems mPOS is the essential app empowering Lanullva to fulfill tomorrows shoppers demand for memorable experiences and delightful convenience.

  • Bergans til hjemmesiden

    Bergans of Norway

    Bergans of Norway has been producing sports clothing and backpacks for over a century. With their laser focus on quality and customer experience, it was a natural choice to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers whether being in-store or out on adventure.

  • Accessorize til hjemmesiden

    Monsoon Accessorize

    Monsoon Accessorize Norway chose Front Systems when contemplating a point of sale system for its 9 Norwegian stores. The Norwegian supplier made the cut with its secure, flexible and easily integrable system.

  • Front3


    Bruker du Front Systems slipper du endeløse mengder utstyr og kabler. Her finner du oversikt over hva du trenger for å komme i gang.

  • Bilde kunde

    Whether you are a brand or a large chain with many outlets scattered around the world, or you run a single store, Front Systems may be a perfect match for you. The platform has features that are particularly suitable for businesses in fashion, sports, and lifestyle.